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Body As a Ruler

Ivy questions:

No two people are exactly the same, so everyone's feelings are unique?

 The proportion and memories of the body also influence how you perceive the space?

Body As a Ruler is a research workshop to understand space by mapping the space with body parts, gaze, sensations and observe another body.  

The workshops go through different tasks for participants who no need a dance background. That allows us to trust our instinct to address our own bodies and scale. Experiment with gaze to understand the relationship between emotion and distance. And further to understand the uniqueness and commonness of human-beings by observes body in space, it also can be extended to dance appreciation with an introduction to contemporary dance master's works.

By observing, interacting and sharing with the participants helps Ivy to structure her philosophy and language of dance, especially in developing a site-specific dance.

Contact Ivy if you interest to bring this workshop to your community!



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