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My Life as a Dancer? (2021- )

This is a multimodels project that aim to explore my artistic position, practice and language. 

In 2021 March, I made a ten minutes dance solo score about how I see my dance vocabularies in relation to my dance training. 

In 2021 December, I made an moving image in three chapters, about my footages of the ten minutes scores. I aim to explore the medium in relation to dance. Chapter 2 was selected in the programme of The Jumping Frame HK 2022 and The Multiplé Dance Film Festival 2023. Chapter 3 was working in my score making during the year.

In 2022, I made a twenty to thirty minutes score, Translating Light, is aim to explore the relationship between creative process and sharing score. The score was selected to restage and present at Fest en Fest 2022, Alumni platform.

Translating Light was a twenty minutes performance score that weave video installation and performance created and presented at roof studio, Siobhan Davis Studio. This work created within the course framework of Investigative Practice module form the master programe in last May, 2022. 


The work unfolded an ongoing research process of collecting bodily sensations through encounter and negotiate with tangible and intangible materials. Including tangible material as tablet, laptop, smartphone, drawings on papers, functional objects, bodies and architecture, as well as intangible materials as light, movements, footages, sounds and context. Using translation as a method to inform, inspire and enrich the choreographic tools. Perhaps the act of translation, tracing and embodied the flow of energy through materials, may let us understand vitality, life and ourselves a bit more? " - notes on 2022.11.24


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